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Jon's voice is one of the best known commercial voices in the UK. As of 2011 he became the man behind the voice of Apple's iPhone assistant in the UK, Siri. You may also know him as the voice of the BBC's most successful TV quiz show The Weakest Link. Over 12 years and more than 1700 programmes, the show averaged a daily audience of 3.5 million viewers. Amongst the most hardcore fans he is affectionately known as "Statman".

For 13 years Jon was also the station voice of BBC Radio 2 - the most listened to National Network in Europe. Jon worked as an announcer for Channel 4 for 2 years in the late 1980's and his recognisable style led him to spend 3 years as the main promotions voice for BBC1 and 7 years as the voice of Sky Movies.

Jon has voiced many high profile ad campaigns and major awards ceremonies. Over the years you'll have heard him on adverts for Duracell, The Mirror, The Times, Nokia, Acuvue and the inflight TV for British Airways. For many of London's Awards Ceremonies he performs the role known by the industry as "The Voice of God".

You'll also find him on Garmin satnavs, reading SMS messages on Nokia phones (out loud - not just snooping), on numerous National Geographic documentaries and in Kings Cross Station (as the station announcement voice - not just loafing about...)

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T: +44 (0) 8452 100 111
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London W1W 6SS

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“Jon is one of the best VO's in the business and runs a great agency. Nothing is too much trouble and he has proved a valuable and reliable resource for many projects in the past and will do in the future I'm sure. He's also a very nice guy which always helps!”

Ollie Raphael

Owner of Delicious Digital - 2008

“Very many thanks for making Ericsson’s Customer seminars at Cannes 2000 such a success. The seminars ran really well, linked, moderated and questioned admirably by yourself, and Ericsson are thrilled by the attendance, the resulting feedback and comment from their guests.”


James McClay

Producer, Imagination for Ericsson Customer Seminar @ 3GSM– Cannes (2000)

“Jon is a professional in a truly positive sense and makes people around him feel comfortable as he listens and adapts yet has strong integrity. What sets Jon apart is his ability to really understand our businesses, combining the fresh eye view of an outside person with seeing things like we do ourselves in our company plus he is able to communicate his observations and conclusions back to us in a structured, humorous and uncomplicated way!”


Jeanette Johansson

Co-Ordinator Stenasphere Forum
Gothenburg (2009)

“Jon is widely known for his role as 'media talent' - but he is equally valued by my team for his ability to study and retain long-term interest in the organisations and industries for which he works. He is much more than an 'excellent voice' - Jon is a superb journalist and issues analyst as well.”

Jack Morton

Kurt Miller

Senior VP, Strategy & Creative, Jack Morton Worldwide

“I want to sincerely thank you for an excellent job. From my side you kept together the structure of the days and provided very good links between the different sections of the programme- and you did it in an excellent way…. Overall it was a great conference!!”


Tom Johnstone

CEO SKF – SKF Management Conference – Kuala Lumpur (2010)

“The audience very much appreciated your humour and the way in which you involved them. Your grasp of the essentials of e-business and IT technology was an important ingredient.”


Geoff Cole

IBM Europe - Crete (1999)

“I could not let the occasion pass without thanking you most sincerely for your huge contribution in making the Damovo conference in Bermuda the great success it most certainly was. Your total professionalism and commitment during the event was outstanding and I must say it was a joyworking with you. The client was absolutely delighted with your contribution and the delegate feedback has been amazing.”


Kevin Williams

Barnet Williams Partnership – Bermuda (2002)

“I recently hired Jon to present a series of business interviews we were filming for the Business Channel at the Institute of Directors in London. He was without doubt the most professional, informed and talented presenter I have worked with to date. Keep up the good work Mr Briggs.”

Nick Bradley

Director of Bradley.TV - 2009

“Jon injected a much needed inspiration into our messages as the role of moderator he took. His involvement in our activities allowed us to continue drive our agenda, however raising the credibility level a notch as well as getting the journalistic approach to it.

As a person, Jon is very knowledgeable in his line of work. He delivers results on target and beyond. And perhaps most importantly, he makes it easy to work with him, which is extremely valuable.”

Behdad Banian

Head of Brand Management- Ericsson – 2008

“I have had the pleasure to work with Jon on several corporate events. He exhibits a genuine presence on stage and captures the audience. And even more impressive is his incredible understanding of the business my company is operating in. His interview style is spot-on! The way we worked and interacted together earned us a fun friendship!”


President and Country Manager for Ericsson, Singapore & Brunei 2004

“Thank you for a very good and well accomplished mission. We were lucky to have you. The feed-back on your achievement is nothing but praise. And everybody I spoke to (also in the somewhat 80 e-mails that Annika has received this morning!) said that you added trust and depth to the event. Your questions were vital.”


Helena Mueller

Business Development  Manager SEB - Stockholm (2006)

“Vous avez magnifiquement animé cette journée et joué un rôle clef dans son succès. Effectivement Pernod Ricard est un drôle d'animal qui ne ressemble pas à beaucoup d'autres : les valeurs de la société sont bien partagées par tous. Je vous remercie d'avoir pris du temps pour le comprendre. Merci encore et sans aucun doute à une prochaine fois.”

Pernod Ricard

Pierre Pringuet

CEO Pernod Ricard
Les Embiez (2009)

“Jon has supported us at both as a host/moderator and twice for voiceover work. Absolutely fantastic experience on all three occasions- could not give a stronger recommendation!”

Tom Allason

CEO & Founder of eCourier – 2008

“Jon is extremely professional and very open to new ideas. A great voice and good presence both on TV and Radio and a brilliant stable of talent.Jon worked with me on a TV Show pilot as a panel Judge. His talent and humour on screen was just what we needed. Very spontaneous and entertaining, but also offering very serious and beneficial coaching to the show candidates.”

Val Haydon

Owner of - 2004

“Jon is the ultimate professional. He is arguably the best voice-over man in the country but also excels at managing his very successful business empire of top class talent and being a highly sought-after conference host. I have worked with him for many years in the television, radio and corporate arena and can highly recommend him as someone who will bring great experience, creativity and talent to any project.”

Paul Boross

CEO The Pitch Doctor and MB Productions - 2008

“What can I say – Jon was brilliant! The show would not have succeeded as well without Jon. Client absolutely delighted with the way Jon handled the day. Both Brian and Collin spoke to me afterwards about the way Jon had got to grips with the issues and made it all look so easy for their presenters.  Jon made my job so much easier for me with the way he handled the client and just delivered in his own inimitable Jon Briggs’ style.”


David Bennett

Beetlenut, Producer for BAA Retail’s internal forum – London (2002)

Excellent content.  Excellent moderating.  Excellent gig. Thank you so much. And, indeed, for hitting the nail on the head during Day 2's session also. Kate Fann went on to work at the HP UK cascade meeting and heard several people rating [highly] the information that came out of your session.


Dan Rees

MICE International – Producer of HP’s Sales Conference – Frankfurt (2004)

“PROFESSIONAL. Need I say more. The dictionary should just list his name after this word. Jon's talent lies in his personality and intellect. He is able to see any programmes environment and work with everyone to map a strategy and then achieve maximum results. He is always fully prepared and therefore does not waste time or effort. I have worked with Jon at QVC as well as other commercial, infomercial and documentary projects over the past 15+ years. They guy is solid and I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future and recommend his work highly.”

Budd Margolis

President MIT Consulting – 2008

“As you know the conference was evaluated to 100% satisfaction - a remarkable result from our customers. Once again you demonstrated your fantastic skills. Being a link presenter during such a conference illustrates your ability to adapt to the audience with you valuable insights and humour.

I have gone through all the comments from our customers and many have specifically written that you were great. Our Nordic Management was also extremely satisfied with your job. Your result was 94% satisfaction a well deserved result.”

IBM Nordic

Henning Winther Nielsen

Convention Manager – IBM Nordic – Monte Carlo (2006)

“Just a quick note to say once again thank you very much for your input and extreme professionalism re the Toni & Guy 40th anniversary event.  You are definitely the best and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Toni & Guy

Mike Esa

Esa Associates – Producer of Toni & Guy’s 40th Anniversary night – London (2004)

You are truly one of the main reasons that this event was such a success. Not to supersede the evaluation, but I know what kind of work that went into your part ….. You are a true professional and have earned my sincere and highest respect. Thank you!


Christian Hagegård

Project Manager - Ericsson Global Sales & Marketing Summit - Stockholm (2007)

“Thank you very much Jon for everything you brought to the conference.

You were a huge contributor to the success of it; bringing our Agora theme to life with zest, humour and enthusiasm – not to mention professionalism.”


Nicola Davis

Senior Producer for PCI Fitch –
BP Drilling and Completions
Conference – Athens (2007)

“Thanks for all your hard work on IBM Nordic, Your contribution made the event a marvellous success. You were the star of the show, plus your jokes had the crew in stitches along with the audience. It was a joy to work you yet again.”


Ellie Grech

HP:ICM - Producer of IBM Nordic - Monte Carlo (2001)

“Thank you very much Jon for everything you brought to the conference. You were a huge contributor to the success of it; bringing our Agora theme to life with zest, humour and enthusiasm – not to mention professionalism.”


Nicola Davis

Senior Producer for PCI Fitch – BP Drilling and Completions Conference – Athens (2007)

“Thank you so much for the time and energy that you gave to making the CV Forum Event Briefing such a success. Your good humour and charm provided just the right level of motivation for our audience. Paving the way for a clear “information delivery” from the both of us. We couldn’t have done it without you.”


Nigel Lloyd-Jones

Director of PCI:Live – General Motors Vehicle launch -  Germany (2001)

“Thank you for making our 2nd Top management Conference such a great one. With your professionalism, your commitment to SEB and your sense of humour – you really exceeded all our expectations.”


Annika Falkengren

CEO SEB - Stockholm (2007)

“On the onsite survey at HP Winners Summit you scored 9.2 out of 10. The only other person to score a 9.2 in the history of the program was Carly Fiorina (We have been measuring the program since 1998.)”


Marty Cohen

Jack Morton USA – Producer of HP’s Winners Summit – Puerto Rico (2005)

“According to us, the client and more importantly the audience, your performance was far beyond our expectations. I cannot remember when I received such great amount of positive reactions on a moderator. So thanks a lot for that.”


Mats Ahlen

Managing Director of Eventum – Postkodlotteriet conference – Stockholm (2010)

“I am delighted to tell you that I have received fantastic feedback from both clients and IBM’ers attending last week in Monte Carlo. The Agenda and business context of the conference is of the utmost importance, but cannot stand alone. The way it is presented is sometimes even more important and this is where you have had a key role and also made a significant difference.”


Soren Christiansen

Conference Manager – IBM Nordic
Monte Carlo (2008)

“Jon has worked with our managers on a 1-2-1 basis to deliver successful and impactful presentations. The time spent with our managers has been tailored to each individual’s needs so that their learning is relevant and not a one-size fits all approach. Jon is a personable individual and a very able trainer who also uses humour well in illustrating his points. If we need to run presentation skills training in the future, we wouldn’t hesitate in calling upon Jon or recommending him to others.”

Liesa Neal

Senior HR Advisor - Mazda UK (2011)

“We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the CEOs and your participation had a lot to do with it.  The participants particularly appreciated the one-on-one time you spent with them outside of the sessions. You did an excellent job managing the transitions between the sessions and tying the program together under the global theme. You're an exceedingly capable host and your professionalism added a great deal of value to our program.”

Deloitte and Touche

Mark Evans

Director of Deloitte and Touche’s Fast 500 and CEO Forum - Naples, Florida (2003)

“I would like to thank you for a job well done, on behalf of the project team and SKF. We have received many positive comments from customers and SKF people, and you have a large part of making the AM2010 a success”


Tor Haglund

Business Development Manager SKF – Amsterdam (2010)