I’ve worked with Jon since 2008. He has made a massive difference to how I approached live presentations that are a regular part of my work. His analysis and understanding of the pressures on a speaker are vital and his experience and knowledge of how to help the speaker and script work in harmony have been intrinsic to the impact my presentations have had on the press and our customers.

I have no doubt that without Jon I would have never reached the standard I have achieved.

He is always a pleasure to work with, always building confidence and putting things into perspective.

His contribution to me as a JLR Board Member and my other senior colleagues at JLR, has been nothing short of transformational. Any business that takes its live communication seriously would benefit from his input.
— Gerry McGovern - Chief Design Officer Land Rover

The Voice is an amazing instrument. Played well it can create rich dividends. Jon is able to coach and train presenters to not only use their voice more effectively but also to give their presentations a much greater impact - simply by explaining the techniques of the presenter. Jon can use his years of experience as a presenter to train and coach your speakers.  Unlocking the fears that people have of speaking in public and adding polish to those who are already comfortable on stage is vital for a successful event. 

Jon is an accomplished and experienced scriptwriter - having spent 30 years in speech radio. From creation to delivery, Jon can help you make the presentation that gets you the accolade you so richly deserve.

Jon also speaks to schools, universities and conferences on the impact that the voice has on your daily life. A brief excerpt can be seen below, as given to the University of Gloucestershire.


Jon's clients include: